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Is in its Final  Testing and Is Scheduled to Launch in April 2023!


What is CollaboRate ?


CollaboRate is an Accurate , Innovative & State of the Art Real Time Predictive Rating System that combines historical lane rates and advanced fitness, performance, safety and credit indicators for accuracy in decision making.


The Latest Product rollout of  Collaborative Rating Systems LLC.


CollaboRate will be the FIRST of its kind COMPLETE Freight Rating System for Shipper, Brokers and Motor Carriers


The Platform will Include:


Carrier Fitness & Safety Ratings

(why pay a good carrier as much as you would pay an excellent carrier)


Real Time Predictive Lane Pricing Rates

(Calculated based on much more than pricing history, capacity and approved/rejected tender data)


Real Time Fuel Costs from the Pump Closest to the Shipper

(not some out dated Weekly DOE Average by Region)

Weather Adjusted Transit Times

(Not just some "Industry Standard" 45 Miles Per Hour - Provide Predictive Slowdowns due to eAdverse Weather and Road Conditions 1-5 Days out)


Broker & Carrier Performance Ratings

(why give a broker or shipper that jerks you around the same rate as one that take care of its carriers and their drivers)


Shipper & Broker Credit Rating System

(why offer the same rate per Mile to a shipper or broker that pays in 45 days as one that pays in 5 days)


CollaboRate will be an ALL IN ONE PLATFORM designed through a COLLABORATION of resources, API, Algorithms and hundreds of thousands of data points -


Introductory rate will be less than $500 per month!


This is a fraction of the cost of the other Predictive Rating Tools, and will replace some other compliance/safety systems - we put it all in one place!


We will offer a Free 10 Day Demo


Users can Cancel Anytime

Stay Tuned!

Collaborative Rating Systems LLC is a Technology Company that

Develops, Builds and Maintains Freight Rating, Carrier Performance Rating, Carrier Safety Rating, and Shipper/Freight Broker/Forwarder and Motor Carrier Credit Rating Systems for the Logistics Industry.


  • Affordable, Accurate and Collaborative Freight Quoting, Safety, Performance and Credit Rates as ad hoc modules or all in ONE PLATFORMs

  • Robotic Process Automation to Automate Processes

  • Bulk Quoting Systems for FAST Bulk rates

  • Multiple Mode Options

  • Branded Websites for Freight Brokers with "Patent Pending" Quote Rating Engines

  • Credit Improvement Services and Systems

  • Carrier Safety Scoring

  • Performance Reporting, Scoring and Evaluating Systems

  • Automated Freight Booking and Data Entry into TMS System

  • Freight Quote API to Integrate into any TMS System






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